Client: Cascade Park Plaza
Date: 2011
Architects: Dorin STEFAN, Adrian ARENDT [Architect in Charge], Alexandru POP, Corina FODOR, Oana ANDROI , Anda STEFAN [interior design],
Structure: Popp & Asociatii
Photo:   Cosmin Dragomir, 
Completion Year: 2008
Project Location: 11 Dinu Vintila Bucharest/Romania
Gross Undergroud Area: 9100 sqm [5 floors]
Gross Above Area: 17500 sqm [18 floors]


„In the case of Euro Tower building we have experimented an approach of MORPHOLOGY GENERATION  working with the following procedures:

  • SET BACK from the private property limit;
  • EXTRUSION of the resulted ‘2D’ boundary;
  • BALANCING of the resulted ‘3D’;

By introducing a dynamic component (through BALANCING and COMPENSATION), we believe that we take the volume (morphologically generated with the fore mentioned procedures) out of the SIMPLIFICATION state induced by the local real-estate speculation.”



The constraints of the triangular site have provided an opportunity to create a dynamic form which has been fully exploited by the concept design.  The lower levels of the building form a podium which relates to the adjacent residential building whilst the smaller upper levels rise up to become a significant landmark in the locality area.  The buildings junctions are a combination of sharp points and soft curves whilst the planes of the facades have subtle inclines, articulating reflected light. The project includes some unique features particularly the southern inclined point with its balcony cut-outs.

The highly transparent office facades create a contemporary image and presents activity to the surroundings whilst also affording excellent views to the occupants.  The solid façade of the lift core has small circular apertures which reveal the movement of the illuminated lift cars within, animating the building at night.

The interior aesthetic of the building will be an example of good contemporary commercial design employing clear simple compositions and a mixed palette of natural and man made materials.  The landlord areas of the building will be designed and finished to a standard appropriate to a Class A building.


The functional layouts have been conceived to achieve an appropriate balance between efficiency, image, user convenience, safety, security and ease of operation and maintenance.  The design and specification of all elements of the project are to be entirely consistent with its intended status as a Class A development and all that that implies.  Generally the project has been conceived to perform to European standards in all aspects of its operation.  During the design process local standards have been regarded as an absolute minimum level of performance.

Iterative design studies and consultations with the City have resulted in an ‘arrowhead’ planform varying in height between 35 and 80m.  A prime generator of this form is the requirement to achieve separation from, and a relationship with the adjacent residential building.

The project planning maximizes efficiency within the form of the building dictated by site constraints and aims to exploit key frontages, with views, to north and east.   The functional concept combines efficiency with space planning flexibility.  The office floors are capable of accommodating many permutations of cellular and open plan layouts and can readily be customized to tenants` requirements.  The office floors are readily capable of sub-division into multiple tenancies.

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